Syracuse New Times Review of Joe Bonamassa

Early Guitar Solo Judges

I wouldn’t say I’m the most ardent fan of Syracuse home-grown guitar luminary Joe Bonamassa, but he is truly the real deal.  Even as a very young kid, he obviously had staggering ability.  Now that he’s an adult, he also sings extremely well. Some months ago, PBS aired a special featuring him playing at the […]

Amy Winehouse – a Great Talent Gone

Amy Winehouse

A Strange But Beautiful Flower Has Died When Amy Winehouse died of an overdose at such a young age, I felt worse about her death than I expected to.  She’s not someone I listen to all the time.  But the first time I heard her, it only took a few seconds before I realized that […]

The Difference Between Flamenco and Classical Guitar

Conde Hermanos Flamenco Guitar - you can see the golpeador if you look closely

Because I’m a flamenco guitarist, people often ask me about this, because they look pretty similar.  Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time there were two brothers.  Their musical talent was evident very early on, and they both took up guitar.  Though they enjoyed listening to electric guitar, they were more […]

The Sing-Off – Actual Good Singing on TV

When I heard about the Sing-Off, I was skeptical at first.  Even though I enjoy some of the talent contest shows, sooner or later fatigue can set in.  Every time you turn around, some other contest shows up. But I was very pleasantly surprised by this show.  The quality of the talent is extremely high.  […]

Autotune: a Harmless Trend, or Totally Lame?

Is Autotune (aka Auto-Tune) merely a helpful tool for those who can’t sing, or might it be a cause of pestilence and halitosis?  I suppose it’s not quite that bad.  I even enjoy it sometimes when it’s set high enough that it becomes a tone color, a particular fun futuristic bizarro tone.  And let’s not […]